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Body – Signature – Gianni

Hair – Modulus – Brendan Hair @ Hair Fair

Pants – RIOT – Simon Shorts @ Men Only Monthly

Shoes – Kokoia – Tussio Sneakers

Tattoo – AR2 Style – Connex Tattoo @ Hipster Men’s Event

Ice Cream – Offbeat – Ice Days Gacha Stick


BILLIONAIRE MOTORS – Thunderbolt [Baked Black]

Serenity Style – Sandry Place – Snack Bar @ The Home Show 2017

BellEquipe – Ice Cream cart

BellEquipe – Waffle cone ice cream (chocolate)

BellEquipe – Gelato Choco Mint and Berry *Men*

BellEquipe – Ice cream cup (mint)*topping*

BellEquipe – Ice cream accessorys

BellEquipe – Gelato shop sign


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