Hair – Besom – Levi [Browns]

Shirt – Betrayal – Summer Tees [Liberty] at Man Cave

Pants – Galvanized – Spring Shorts [Army]

C L A Vv. – Strapped Bag





Hair – Besom x Flite – Ace

Top – Dufaux – Pocket Tank @ Shiny Shabby

Pants – Gabriel – Layered Saluel

Shoes – Vale Koer – Storm Stompers

Tattoo – AR2 Style – Extreme Tattoo @ Hipster Men Event


David Heather-Pool Table @ The Arcade Gacha

-David Heather-Poker Table RARE @ The Arcade Gacha

-David Heather-Basketball Game RARE @ The Arcade Gacha

-David Heather-Stereo System @ The Arcade Gacha

-David Heather-Leather Couch @ The Arcade Gacha

-David Heather-Stack of Games @ The Arcade Gacha

-David Heather-DBOX @ The Arcade Gacha

Peaches ‘N Cream – ‘Classical’ Fraternity Banner

Onsu ~ “LET ME IN!” Door Phone

Onsu ~ “Booty” Velvet Lined Trunk

Bee Designs Little Boys Gacha @ Imaginarium


second life shinleonheart men fashion blog home decor sl

Hair – Besom x FLite – Jordan

Shades – Zoom – Inray Classic

Facial Hair – Body Mod – Isac Bear @ Men Only Monthly

Top – Outlier – Revenger Jersey Hoodie [Rogue] @ Men Only Monthly

Pants – Outlier – 510 Ripped Jeans @ Men Only Monthly


NOIR – Jax Axe Bag (For rez) @ Men Only Monthly

{Q-Essentials} Lexington Onyx Sofa @ Draftsman

{Q-Essentials} Lexington Onyx Coffee Table @ Draftsman

{Q-Essentials} Autumn Vase @ Draftsman

{Q-Essentials} Call Me Old Fashioned @ Draftsman

{Q-Essentials} Lexington Onyx Chair @ Draftsman

(fd) Creative Laptop – Screen Off

Shai –  The Dapper Dog  – Sailor Beanie Navy

In All Seriousness

shinleonheart second life sl men fashion blog decor

Head – Catwa – Daniel

Skin – Modulus – Malik – Cream

Hair – Besom x Flite – Ace

Top – AR2 – Dandy Jacket @ Men Only Hunt [Gift]

Pants – Sorgo – Prima Jeans

Tattoo – Hipster Style – Sensei Tattoo @ The Black Fair


ETNIA – Dream Morocco – Black Dresser @ Cosmopolitan

ETNIA – Dream Morocco – Bronze Photo Frames @ Cosmopolitan

ETNIA – Dream Morocco – Bronze Wall Art @ Cosmopolitan

{Q-Essentials} It’s  A Numbers Thing


shinleonheart sl men fashion decor blog second life

Head – Catwa – Daniel

Body – Signature – Gianni

Hair – Besom – Empties [Browns]

Top – RIOT – Tom Pullover

Pants – RIOT – Lennon Lon Line Jeans

Shoes – VERSOV – Jumpov Sneakers [White]


8f8 – No Place of Ours – Autumnal

[ETNIA] Breakfast in Old San Juan- Door table @ Shiny Shabby

[ETNIA] Breakfast in Old San Juan – Amapola Vase @ Shiny Shabby

[ETNIA] Breakfast in Old San Juan – Mallorca in a plate @ Shiny Shabby

[ETNIA] Breakfast in Old San Juan – Mallorcas @ Shiny Shabby

[ETNIA] Breakfast in Old San Juan – Cafe con Leche @ Shiny Shabby

[ETNIA] Breaskfast in Old San Juan – Bench @ Shiny Shabby

[ETNIA] Cute Frida- Gardening Table @ The Crossroads

[ETNIA] Cute Frida- Pink Protea Flower @ The Crossroads

[ETNIA] Cute Frida- Flower Pot @ The Crossroads

[ETNIA] Cute Frida- Empty Pot @ The Crossroads

Apple Fall – Chocolate Shoppe Caramel Set

floorplan – coffee cup / the dude

JIAN – Posh Pups [Black]

Second Spaces – Party Drinks – sparkling soda

Little Branch – Downy Birch{Seasons}

Little Branch – Red Poppies

Little Branch – Cedar.v3 {4Seasons}

Little Branch – Bouton d’or Pink

Black And White

second life blogger men couple fashion

Click here for her outfit card

Hair – BesomxFlite – Ace

Top – Pumpkin – Sweatshirt – Black Seven


{Q-Essentials} Music Note 2 Wall Decor @ The Hipster Fair 2017

{Q-Essentials} Music Note @ The Hipster Fair 2017

{Q-Essentials} Music Sheet Wall Decor @ The Hipster Fair 2017

{Q-Essentials} Treble Wall Decor @ The Hipster Fair 2017

sl shinleonheart futuristic hunt second life fashion men style blog

The Futuristic Hunt

sl shinleonheart futuristic hunt second life fashion men style blog

I’m doing a different kind of photo for today’s post. Most of the items in the photo above are hunt items from The Futuristic Hunt. The hunt starts from Dec 10th 2015 until Jan 10 2016. The Futuristic Hunt is a small grid wide hunt based on the theme of the future/ futuristic. Hunt items cost 5L each. That’s so affordable huh.

These are the participating stores:

!Chop Shop!
Timeless Textures
Kitty’s Claws
by Chiana Oh
.: Eclectic Stars :.
La Jolie Designs
Banana Banshee


The Futuristic Hunt

Organizers: Organisers – Evelyn Hartshon & Isabelli Anatine




Hints and SLURLs: click here

the futuristic hunt second life


Hair – Besom – Liquid Night [essentials]

Head – The Mesh Project – Classic Deluxe

Body – The Mesh Project – Deluxe M

Skin – Clef de Peau – Lucian T5

Tattoo – Bolson – Fahrenheit @ The Mens Dept

Pants – not so bad – Zane Pants @ The Mens Dept

Shoes – Duh! – Futuristic Moon Boots @ Futuristic Hunt

Headset – Spyralle – Jeweled DJ Headset @ Futuristic Hunt

Wings – AITUI – Mechanical Wings – Fairy Lights [black]

Pose – Repose – U McFly @ Futuristic Hunt


Timeless Textures – Seamless Space Station Textures @ Futuristic Hunt

La Jolie Designs – “Sesartes” Hologram Set @ Futuristic Hunt