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Target Locked

second life men blog

Head – The Mesh Project – Classic Deluxe

Body – The Mesh Project – Deluxe M

Skin – Tableau Vivant – Kat

Eyebrows – Swallow – Eyebrows Cut

Hair – Tableau Vivant – Lee Jae

Tattoo – Bolson – Ace Commander

Pants – Gabriel – Warrior Boots in Pants @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Necklace – Gabriel – Lion Necklace @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Bat – Reckless – Donny Bat Rare

Bracelet – Rebellion – Sinister Cuff

Mask – Reckless – Raider Mask 5

Ring – !nfinity – Spiked Ring [silver black]

Wings – Aitui – Mechanical Wings – Subway Flyer [silver]

Pose – *agapee* – Photo Set M 005 [Pose 43]

There are 27 poses in one pack, including the pose HUD


shinleonheart second life fashion blog style men

Brain Lag

shinleonheart second life fashion blog style men

Hair – Monster – Atticus

Shirt – Pumpkin – Apron Tee

Necklace – Rebellion – Moonwake Necklace

Pants – VRSION – Rival 4 Male Pants

Decor – [bauwerk] – My Home Laboratory @ The Photographers Hunt

Art – ***Country Life*** – Dreamscape Art Gallery @ The Photographers Hunt

The photographers hunt will start from October 1st until 31st. There are 25 participating stores. Check out the hints and landmarks for each store on the website, and preview for the prizes on the flickr group.

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Avi Glam Kian Skin for TMP

second life male tmp skin applier avi glam

I’ve always been tanned most of the time in both SL and RL. But when my friend convinced me that I would look as good in paler skintone, I took the challenge and found Kian skin from Avi Glam. I got tone number 3. When I tried the demo, I was appalled by how pale the lightest skintone was. To be honest I nearly bought tone 4 instead because it looked semi tanned and it was just so me. But since I would do a playful costume photo with Miesa in near future, I eventually decided to get tone 3, which is between pale and semi tanned. It is the lightest skin that I ever had in Second Life. And since recently I’ve been taking so many pictures of my avi, having secondary skintone is pretty nice. I noticed the tanned Tableau Vivant skin that I have, could be a little too dark and blended with the background in certain dark windlights. So as much as I love my darker skin appliers, it’s always nice to have an option to get a total makeover and have entirely different look on SL.

I could finally wear the blonde hair I got from Damselfly gacha as well with lighter skin. Despite the major contour on the cheekbones (I swear I’d never thought I’d wear contouring even on SL) which at first made me hesitate to get this skin, I really like the eyebrows. They are thick and full, and trimmed enough. While trying the demo I didn’t notice it, but the subtle wrinkles on the forehead also bring realism to this skin. I guess smooth porcelain skin can look a bit not realistic and too doll like to my taste.

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